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Flu cell-culture technology: the next frontier

What is Cell-culture technology?

Cell-culture technology is a well-established production method that has been used for decades in manufacturing other vaccines, such as the polio vaccine and other biologicals. Since many viral strains cannot replicate in chicken eggs, cultivating viruses using a cell line offers the possibility of a more robust virus production and seed strain development that more closely matches circulating viruses, which could potentially translate into a more immunogenic and effective response.

Cell-culture production technology offers the following additional potential advantages over conventional egg-based vaccines:

  • It can be administered to egg-allergic patients
  • It simplifies manufacturing logistics and reduces lead time because there is no need for chicken eggs
  • Additives, such as antibiotics and mercury-based preservatives, are eliminated from the production process
  • Enhanced manufacturing consistency and reliability
  • More rapid and scalable manufacturing.


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