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About Novartis Vaccines

About Novartis Vaccines

Our Mission

Our mission 

The only thing better than finding a cure for a disease is preventing illness in the first place.

Our business 

Nothing prevents viral or bacterial infections quite as well as a vaccine, which trains the human immune system to attack invading microbes before they can establish themselves in the body and cause diseases that can lead to death or a lifetime of disability.


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Corporate citizenship 

Corporate citizenship at Novartis is an integral part of how we operate and a key to our success.

Compliance program 

Novartis Vaccines Inc. is committed to establishing and maintaining an effective Integrity and Compliance Program.

Worldwide sites 

Today, Novartis Vaccines has a strong global presence, most notably in Europe, with its centers of excellence in Germany, Italy and the UK.

Novartis Vaccines history 

A solid emphasis on research and a never-ending commitment to preventing disease have been the driving forces at Novartis Vaccines.

Global health 

At Novartis Vaccines, we feel privileged to be working in a field where we can truly make a difference in protecting the lives of so many people from infection and disease.

Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Educational Grants

Novartis Vaccines educational grants 

The Novartis Vaccines Grant Request Review Committee (GRRC) reviews requests for non-promotional continuing medical education (CME) programs from accredited and non-accredited providers, as well as patient advocacy and education / outreach initiatives from certified 501(c)3 organizations.

Novartis Leads the Way
NGO Partnerships



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Business Development & Licensing


Finding new partnership to develop new vaccines is one of the BD&L team mission.

Disease & products

disease & products

Learn about meningitis, influenza, rabies, TBE and japanese encephalities.